Astro Dynamic is developing integrated space infrastructure

Adaptable, Reliable and Cost Effective

A2D2 our Autonomous Adaptive Docking Device and GNC system

Satellite docking is difficult our •Rendezvous, •Acquisition, •Proximity, •Integration & •Docking (RAPID) GNC system offers autonomous and secure orbit navigation.

A2D2 offers a fully integrated solution that will enable a sustainable future and help us build our space infrastructure by providing connections between out transport bus and the payload.

  • Dynamic damping of docked bodies

  • Customisable service provisioning

  • Reusable for a range of mission capabilities

  • Machine vision identification and security

Introducing Cluster

Cluster is our smart hosting platform providing a new service for space operators

Cluster enables you to;

  • Make Savings - Significantly reduce vehicle launch mass

  • Increase Profitability - keep working with life extension

  • Expand Payload Capacity – move the saved launch mass to the payload

  • Spectrum Licensing - accelerate your build by utilising our inbuilt capacity.

  • Built in System Security - giving new level of reliability and protection

  • Hosting Flexibility - Ability to support multiple payloads or dedicated payloads

  • Prime Orbital Real-estate - avoid clogging up usable orbits with debris

  • Fully Reusable - can be redeployed with a new payload in-orbit

AD - Data Net

Our data network infrastructure allows end-to-end encrypted raw data access to our customers without the need for them to setup their own ground links or data centers.

Simply log into your workspace to download the data you need.